Mundane Lifefocus

I have been thinking a lot about natural complex systems and how I might embed the whole ‘nurture the positive, dampen the negative’ behaviours into the outcomes of a lessons learned workshop. Well this is not my proposed answer but it is hugely interesting, good fun and if it works I should see the benefits.

This is the mundane lifefocus 5 day cut and foldwallet sized business card from Jason Theodor at the the interestingly titled thereisnobox blog. Jason descibes it as a:

life-altering method to habitualize mundane everyday tasks and incrementally improve happiness and well-being over time

The idea is that you download an edittable version of the card above as a PDF (downloadable here) , fill in your top 10 behaviours that you would like to nurture (I started with negative behaviours to dampen eg ‘avoid fatty foods’ but decided they can all be reversed). The more mundane the better. Then print the weekly sheet, fold it into your moleskin and check off as you do them.

All I need now is some way of ensuring that I print out the sheet next week…


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