A playground of possibilities

An interesting article in today’s Guardian caught my eye. Pete Lawrence, the founder of the Big Chill has a new online venture called Pic-Nic Village which is so intriguing that I am so very, very close to paying to be a founding member.

I love his concept of a village guild as an affinity group:

Whether your interest is writing, blogging, photography, music, video artist, design, illustration, technology, science, hiking, camping, travel, cookery, pets, politics, branding, fashion, ecology, social media, arts and crafts, festivals or people in general, we are confident you will find something of interest by joining one or more of our proposed affinity groups or Village Guilds, or by starting your own.

Now 12 out of 21 of his suggested ‘guilds’ attract me already. Bringing together innovation, creativity and music is probably my personal ‘future backwards’ definition of Heaven (if everything that could go right does go right).

What really intrigues me in the Guardian article regarding the lessons Pete learned from running the Big Chill  is the Brian Eno quote that festival line-ups could be a red herring:

what people really want is to connect with like minds.

This puts into words what I had long thought about the Ark Group conferences and David Gurteen’s knowledge cafés. It is rarely the subject or speakers that make me ‘want’ to attend, but the idea of meeting up with old colleagues, past acquaintances and new people in the ‘world of KM’.

I hate to admit it, but this also applies to my annual pilgrimage to Skegness for the Butlins Rock and Blues Festival where I suddenly feel a part of a group of similar minds, harking back to the rock concerts and festivals of my youth, whereas now, more often than not, the bands are simply an accompanying soundtrack to an enjoyable weekend away.

Coincidently I am off tonight with my friend Mick the Van to see Wishbone Ash supported by John Verity. Hoping to be part of a community of similar minds in a village hall in Wilbarston, somewhere near Market Harborough.


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