Hypothetical Development

I think this is a brilliant ‘story based’ concept. hat tip to my colleague @BrianSJ3 on Twitter for finding it.

In need of hypothetical development

The short but powerful video (which I have tried but failed to embed) can be found here and is the brilliant concept of Rob Walker and his Hypothetical Development Project.

It has set my mind buzzing about how many ‘hypothetical development’ stories abound in Peterborough where I live, and how not only should we be putting up hypothetical development boards, why not clad the buildings in boards to look as if they have been developed.

The long boarded up extension to Tesco in Werrington could be new ‘wine caves with free tasting every afternoon’.

The eyesore by Peterborough Station earmarked as a carpark could be the new ‘3D  Folk Museum of Anthropology and local culture with drive in cinema on an evening.

For far to long we have been subject to the fictitious hypothetical ideas of property developers that whet our appetite for buildings that never live up to their descriptions. Lets turn the tables and be creative and innovative, an idea might just emerge that sticks.



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