Have you been constellated?

Anyone interested in experiencing and learning more about Constellations which I mentioned last year here should get themselves down to Hawkwood College, Stroud on Monday 15th November where Geoff Mead (tell him I sent you) is running an intriguing workshop promising to:

venture deep into the realm of myth and archetype as we use ideas and approaches developed from the therapeutic family systems work of Bert Hellinger to ‘constellate’ some traditional European fairy stories and wondertales.

then using constellations-based techniques

will enable us to find ourselves in the story and find the story in us.

Further details can be found on the Centre for Narrative Leadership website under ‘activities’ ‘exploring the mythic field’.

Another perspective on what makes ‘storytelling’ so attractive.. My first impression at the start of the session I attended was ‘what am I doing here, fluffy bunny stuff’  but as we worked and walked through the archetypal themes I found the outcome hugely interesting and with some very powerful advice to the problem owner. Highly recommended.



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