Practical approaches to intractable problems

Seminar workshop: Practical approaches to intractable problems

Prof Dave Snowden, Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge

Thursday 4th November, 9.30-12.30; 1.30-4.30, QEII Conference Centre
In recent years, techniques and tools are making it possible to exploit complexity and anthropological approaches to solving intractable problems – those issues that have proved stubbornly resistant to standard approaches. The new techniques have produced new approaches to:
  • Impact measurement rather than target setting
  • Achieving better with less
  • Improving customer/citizen engagement
  • Better decision-making at policy and frontline levels
  • Open-source policy-making
  • Improving sales results
  • Reduce research budgets while getting better results
Narrate is presenting two half-day workshops at the QEII Conference Centre at which Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge will present and discuss the real applications and recent projects that have been run around the world.
The theory has been established for some time, encompassing cognitive neuroscience, anthropology and, above all, complexity. Benefits include:
  • Mass capture and fast analysis for qualitative material
  • Making sense of distributed (fragmented) information from multiple sources and interactions
  • Facilitating abductive reasoning on complex issues
  • Threat and weak-signal detection in large datasets
  • Illuminating different perspectives of communities dealing with a common issue


Please RSVP to recieve confirmation of attendance as spaces are limited.

Anne Wilson
Tel: +44 (0) 1462 673188

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