Stronger or weaker?

On the Psychology Today blog is a great posting countering Nietzsche’s idea

that which does not kill us makes us stronger

I love anything that challenges everyday thinking but what I particularly like here  is the idea not just that its our inherent belief in cause = effect but also that our insistence on a story based approach may be our downfall:

Our brain is a meaning (sense) -making machine, designed to sort vast and varied sensory information into coherent, orderly perception, organized primarily in the form of narrative: this happened, which led to that, which ended up so. When two things happen together, we assume they are meaningfully linked, and then we rush to bind them in a quite unholy cause-and-effect matrimony.

and then I just love the idea that

Good children often create good parents.

Go read the whole posting, it’s a great new perspective on the way we make sense.


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