What is creativity?

A man becomes creative, whether he is an artist or scientist, when he finds a new unity in the variety of nature.

He does so by finding a likeness between things which were not thought alike before         –        Jacob Bronowski

Gradually working my way through my collection of PDF’s randomly loaded onto my new Kindle I chanced this morning upon the Osho book on ‘The people of the path Vol 1.’  This is a great example of Sufi storytelling and shows just how powerful metaphorical stories can be.

In it Osho asks the question:

I want to be creative. What should I do?

to answer this question he tells a simple story:

A Sunday school teacher asked her students to draw a picture of the Holy Family.
After the pictures were brought to her, she saw that some of the youngsters had drawn the conventional pictures — the Holy Family in the manger, the Holy Family riding on the mule, and the like.But she called up one little boy to ask him to explain his drawing, which showed an airplane with four heads sticking out of the plane windows.
She said, ‘I can understand why you drew three of the heads to show Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. But who’s the fourth head?’
‘Oh,’ answered the boy, ‘that’s Pontius the Pilot!’
Become a child again and you will be creative. All children are creative. Creativity needs freedom – freedom from the mind, freedom from knowledge, freedom from prejudices.

All of Osho’s books and more wonderful SUFI stories like this can be downloaded here.

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