Its January so I must lose weight

I have just watched the BBC programme on 10 things you need to know about losing weight. I was skeptical about even wasting the time to watch it but my wife watched it first and forced me to watch it at lunchtime.

Presented and starring the seemingly ever present Michael Mosley the programme worked through ten scientifically supported ways to lose weight. All ten are listed and explained over at the  Motley Health website.

There are some surprising pieces of advice here and some good new pointers to where I might be going astray.

What especially intrigued me was at the start when Michael was CAT scanned while looking at pictures of high and low calorie foods to show different brain activity. In its own way this is just like signification of pictures we have in our Narrate projects using SenseMaker causing me to think that perhaps we should CAT scan individuals in Anecdote circles or alternatively how much of a difference does not having breakfast make to your positioning of dots on triads. Oh well, if you want to see the first ten minutes including CAT scan signification:


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