20:50:30 A Collaborative proposal

Inspired by my induction into Collaborative Consumption last week I have been thinking:

I don’t particularly like marketing.

Interesting projects are becoming much harder to find these days.

I would much rather spend my time  working on projects and facilitating workshops as that is what I do best.

Spare time should be used for the social good not searching for scraps.

Friends, colleagues and network contacts have been responsible for almost every piece of work I have done since going independent.

I was wondering if it would work to formalise this emergent business situation with a few simple incentives.

20:50:30 Collaboration

1. Set up work for someone and earn 20% of  their fee.

2. Set up any work and join in,

ie for personal experience, coaching, further training

and share the profits and credit 50:50

3. At least 30% of projects done for the social good

This would enable:

anyone with good connections to make money from finding work (an emergent agency)

those looking for work opportunities a chance to try their hand as ‘associates’.

the evolution of collaborative working, attracted by incentives of financial reward, knowledge sharing and public good.

What do people think about this?

Are the percentages ok?

Anyone want to be a part of it?



  1. Hi again,

    This kind of collaborative working is not uncommon, and also not as successful as one would think it would be. Part of that is that for most people your view is shared, most people do not like marketing/selling themselves! Although 20% may seem reasonable from where you come from it is not so out there in the real world. The following percentages are more realistic, and you may have to raise them higher until you get bites:
    20% You get a name and possible interest passed on but you have to then do all the selling. The 20% is purely the contact fee going to the one who passed it on, and it is not a guaranteed job.
    50% You get the job subject to work needed to provide a detailed plan, so some jobs fail at the late stage.
    75% You get dates, contract and job details, you have to deliver what someone else has contracted you for.

    Work contracting is still a massively haphazard business and people who can sell will get work for people whether they are any good or not. 😉

    Good luck

    If I hear of any jobs going I will let you know.

    Now, what were the terms again?

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