ecology of knowledge – new apps launch

Hibernation over and inspired by recent emergent trends I have decided to launch the first six of a series of ecology of knowledge apps, designed, not to be run on mobile devices, but live, in the heart of your organisation/company/community.

These apps can be scheduled for download in a space and a date of your choosing where they will be professionally (complex) facilitated by yours truly.

They are entirely consistent with the aims of  ‘collaborative consumption‘ in that they allow you to

‘rent not own’

‘use not possess’

and will then ‘pop-up’ as entirely self-contained, story-based, collaborative workshops

The first six apps to be launched today are:


Projects unreviewed, no easy way to capture and share lessons learned, key individuals about to move on?

Download this app now for a highly interactive, enjoyable session of storytelling, social interaction and sensemaking. Outcomes will include recorded stories, lessons learned organised by emergent themes with optional problem solving and action planning. You will then be on the road to ‘learning before, during and after’ with demonstrable examples of money saving, collaborative, efficiency gaining interventions.


No easy way to evaluate current understanding and perspectives on the environment across your school or educational establishment.

Download this app now for a quick but highly interactive session that not only draws together amazing stories of hope for the future but also enables personal pledging of individual actions towards this. The resultant stories will give you so much insight into the impact of your approach to environmental learning.


Is your organisation green enough, are you struggling to how to engage staff on sustainability issues?

Download this app now for a hugely powerful exploration of what has already been tried, what do participants think is important and what are they feeling strongly enough about to commit there time and energy (saving) to. You will then be ready to announce your sustainability strategy with confidence.


Do your communications lack stories that engage? Do you hear everyone applauding storytelling in organisations but have no real idea what they are talking about?

Download this app now for a highly interactive ‘learning by doing’ workshop using worked examples of anecdote circles, message maps and springboard stories. Imagine if all your communications began to engage the listener, intrigue your customer and zing with inspiration.


Inherited a new team of individuals who lack cohesion and are suspicious of others motives? Demoralised by threats of cuts and savings?

Download this app now for an enjoyable day of stories and community building exercises that allow perspectives to be shared, relationships to be fast-tracked and vital trust to emerge. Your team will then be ready to hit the ground running.


Interested in the underlying values and motives of your staff but have no safe way to expose these for scrutiny and consideration?

Download this app now for a tried and tested workshop building archetypes of both characters and themes that will give new perspectives on your current issues and provide new ways to future proof the success of new ideas.


All the above apps have been tried, road tested and improved before release. Look out for the release of more apps in the coming weeks covering problem solving, innovation boosters and TRIZ together with a schedule of public workshop/learning events.

Smallprint: Please note that these are human interaction apps that require physical space and a number of human participants. They do not run on phones and other mobile devices. They will cost more than 59p.

Please get in touch if you are interested in discussing or ideally scheduling a download of any or all of these apps.


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