Entanglement explains archetypes


pyracantha entangularis

An excellent and thought provoking article in this months Scientific American on ‘Living in a Quantum World‘ and the mysteries of entanglement. Entanglement is the ‘spooky action’ that coordinates the properties of separated particles ie

A system that cannot be broken down into individual parts, even when those particles are far apart they still behave as a single entity.

The article then goes on to explore the idea that this ‘spooky action’ may not be confined to the quantum world but may apply to things of all sizes; birds, plants and maybe even people.

There is something familiar in the basic concept as it overlaps with some of the theories of complex systems and how the interactions and outcomes can bootstrap each other to be so delicately intertwined that the system behaves as one but this adds another exciting element.

I could never understand how my mam always knew when I was going to ring home but simple entanglement makes it obvious, electrons divided, as the unfertilised egg is produced, create the intriguing phenomena that is mother – son relationships.

In a completely serendipitous and random connection I spent the end of last week teaching how to facilitate TRIZ with a lot of emphasis on the nine box, time and space framework. According to this ‘entanglement’ article one of the reasons particles remain connected despite separation over time or space is that:

Space and time emerge from fundamentally spaceless and timeless physics. so are, according to quantum mechanics, secondary to entanglements which are primary.

I am guessing that this is why techniques that involve narrative are so powerful as the universality of story with its archetypal themes and archetypal characters surely depend on such entanglements.

Finally, in common with previous posts where I just love the rug being pulled from under traditional science teaching I would love to see what the national curriculum does with this:

gravity may not be a force in its own right, just residual noise. It may not even exist at the quantum level.

So I am not overweight, just a little bit loud for my height.


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