My top 3 pieces of technology for under £12

Ok I know, I am supposed to be a fluffy bunny so what would I know about technology. Well my secret is out, I am still a bit of a closet geek and I love innovation in techno form. So here are my current personal favourite three in no particular order.


I got one of these for Christmas off my son and his wife and it is always in my rucksack. Its a tripod combined with the hand of a gorilla.  It is great for low level photographs of butterflies and plants but comes into its own at conferences where you can secure a video camera onto the back of a chair or up on the top of a flip chart frame. The genuine original starts at around £12 they are a must have for anyone with a camera. Copies available at around £4


This is brilliant and knocks spots off the Ipod for ease of use. Simply copy all your favourite MP3s onto an SD card or a memory stick which you can plug into the base.

Then plug whole device into Cigarette lighter socket and tune the car radio to the appropriate frequency. Very easy to jump tracks and very cheap at Play.Com at only £8.45 free postage MP3 Car radio transmitter. Listen to all your recorded anecdotes and podcasts with ease.


This is the size of a mapping pin and looks just like a mapping pin but at just £3.99 with free delivery from Amazon this tiny Lupo mic turns your Ipod Touch into a dictaphone or even narrative capture device which when associated with the appropriate app can email your recorded anecdotes direct to your email account.


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