Anticipatory Awareness

Don’t miss the latest video from Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge on why organisations should be looking at ‘Strategic Agility’ with a preference for resilience as opposed to robustness. Includes a very clear definition of the differences between inductive and abductive reasoning which is vital to his way of thinking.

I can’t help thinking of the Japanese tsunami, ‘Arab Spring’ and more recent German e-coli outbreak as I watch, learn and reflect on this.



      • Ron
        Yes, I did read about his narrative-capture thing. I like. Though I guess I don’t use the term, I am involved in supporting the emergence of strategic agility in organisations. I have found story-telling in large groups really useful. (Haven’t gone as far as capturing it: a la SenseMaker.) Looks like you do this kind of thing too?

    • Really interesting. Made me think: blogs contain loads of stories. If more folks in organisations could be encouraged to blog then there is potentially a deep well of stories to be made use of. Do you know if the Congnitive Edge folks have had a go at applying Sensemaker algorithms to blogs? Maybe there’s even a market for a WordPress signifying tool? Better stop; I am off on one now.

  1. Mark
    Absolutely. Dave Snowden conceived Sensemaker as a way to signify Sense Making Items (SMIs) which include pictures, recordings, videos, blogs as well as stories. We have done a lot of work with children across the world signifying the meaning in various ambiguous pictures.

    There is no Sensemaker algorithm as such to apply direct to blogs as such. The story/SMI needs to be signified first then SenseMaker enables sense to be made of the patterns including correlations, distributions, peaks and troughs in the signifiers.

    There is no doubt a market to signify across many situations. We must meet up sometime to share intriguing ideas.

    Cheers, Ron

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