The creation of temporary community

I have just stumbled across this inspirational school storytelling project delivered by my friend Dominic Kelly, a professional storyteller from Lancashire. Dominic had us spellbound at the last ‘Tales to Sustain’ gathering in Northumberland with a rather scary tale about the Scottish seal population. Dominic has a growing portfolio of storytelling performances (see his website here) which I would highly recommend for your future conference or event.

Earlier in 2011 Dominic worked with the local schools around Penrith in Cumbria in a project designed to develop the storytelling capability of a generation, probably not aware of the power of real life oral storytelling. In the video that follows I love how Dominic captures the magic of oral storytelling in a way few others have managed to do:

When you have oral storytelling going on, what is at the core of it is the creation of temporary community.

As the storyteller you are telling the story and you can see the story in your own mind.

Everybody in the audience are also recreating that story in their mind.

So there is this fantastic sharing of the story in the moment. Thats what storytelling is about.

Prepare to be inspired (I loved the bit about the children being story archaeologists) :

For more info on the project and footage of the actual May Day story event at the Story Giants of Eden Page


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