How do you solve problems?

One of my many roles at the moment is as a part time trainer for Oxford Creativity. One of their greatest attributes (apart from TRIZ, Karen, Lilly and Caroline). Their fourth greatest attribute is the use of cartoons to illuminate complex ideas and occasionally just very funny double entendres. Here is their latest cartoon and the current offerings of TRIZ courses which I highly recommend (and even pop-up as a facilitator on days four and five of the five day courses).
Are you seeking a reliable problem solving method that provides relevant and practical answers every time like the man in the cartoon? The TRIZ toolkit enables your engineering teams to understand and solve their most difficult problems quickly and effectively.
When experienced and successful engineers learn TRIZ, they make better use of their experience, knowledge and skills both individually and in teams, delivering:
  • Fast understanding, definition and communication of important problems
  • Creative, cost effective and practical solutions
  • Auditable innovation

 Learn TRIZ
Introduction to TRIZ
29 September 2011 with the IMechE in London
1 December 2011 with the IET in London
The whole TRIZ Toolkit – Innovation and Problem Solving 5 day workshops
17 – 21 October 2011 in Oxford
14 – 18 November 2011 in Preston
5 – 9 December 2011 in Bristol (With the IMechE)
20 – 24 February 2012 in Oxford
12 – 16 March 2012 in Preston
TRIZ for IP Development
2 & 3 November 2011
29 & 30 November 2011
All delegates on our public TRIZ workshops will receive a copy of Karen Gadd’s book TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving (RRP £45). This colourful, accessible and practical guide covers all the tools seen on the workshop, and is an excellent reference tool to help you and your team solve your most difficult problems.

More information on each of these workshops is available on our website. Alternatively, we frequently hold free, 30 minute Welcome to TRIZ webinars which provide an introduction to the TRIZ tools and what the toolkit can offer. Register online via our Webex site here.

If you would like to book a place on these workshops, please contact Caroline or complete our booking form

These workshops are all available in-house, for more information please contact
CarolineDavies @

We look forward to seeing you on a workshop soon.


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