Recent Roundup

There has been a recent surge of interesting material on the internet which I have been re-tweeting as I find them but here is a brief round-up of 12 of the most worthwhile reads.

Jonah Lehrer on Innovation is not a genetic trait, It’s a skill. Anyone can learn to be creative. here

Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments of Writing (Metaphysical) on the wonderful Steampunk Theology blog  here

David Griffiths (aka @skunkworks) on The nature of complexity   ‘predators needed!’

I just love this posting on retirees (‘the Amazings’) paid to teach their skills to a younger generation where they ‘ create amazing experiences with their skills, knowledge & passion’  here

The emerging open-source civilization – thoughts from Michel Bauwens here
Rob Hospkins on Transition Culture. “Here are three ingredients. Now form an initiative”.  here
Max McKeown new column: All failure is failure to adapt and “All success is successful adaptation”
James Urquart recommends ‘Five resources for learning complex adaptive systems’ here.
Umair Haque lets us into the Ultimate Super Duper Innovation Secret here .
 From @learn_logic an interesting collection of 3 fun Venn Diagram Generators To Help You Visualise Your Data: here
Finally if you haven’t yet seen it, Cognitive Edge has a spruced up new web-site and I have my own network member page.

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