Building innovation using Lego

Lego 'Experience Wheel'

Hat tip to a 2009 post over on the Customer Experience Matters blog which I discovered while building another pinboard on Pinterest (but thats worth a whole new posting).

I just love models that both visualiseand tell a story and therefore make sense of systems and/or processes in a different way. This is a model that was (is?) used by Lego when examining user experience and what intrigued me was the number of ideas and perspectives contained within a single method/chart.

First it has the Before During and After elements of  After Action Reviews and TRIZ nine box thinking but even more intriguingly elements of the Cognitive Edge Future Backwards for which it also identifies ‘make or break’ moments or as we describe them ‘key turning points’ or ‘tipping points’.

Secondly it looks a great way to open up the customer perspective currently showing a big come-back in Innovation Ecosystem ideas of the Wide Lens and other useful business frameworks.

Thirdly it has an element of  and making visual the emotional response and kind of signifying the experience which is a brilliant way to highlight the points in the process/system for which harms should be reduced and benefits should be increased (which is a TRIZ Ideality exercise) until a smiley face appears.

Fourthly, I like the idea of placing the ! where ‘data’ is needed which is an integral part of the Cognitive Edge knowledge auditting method to identify where knowledge initiatives are needed

Fifth and finally I am thinking that the Cognitive Edge archetype extraction technique would provide very useful material to complete the centre of the wheel.


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