Tweet Round-up for May 2012

Yet again this week I was asked for a list of books I would recommend to anyone starting out in the fields of Knowledge Ecology, Narrative Landscapes and Innovation Ecosystems. Increasingly my answer is all my aha moments and real turning points in my approach and understanding have been made in my use of Twitter.

I use Twitter as my radar, I have grown a list of individuals who I believe have their fingers on the pulse and readily share what articles, blogposts and resources they find exciting or useful. As I read through my Twitter feed on a morning I myself highlight those that I find most interesting by re-tweeting them to my Twitter feed thereby ‘bookmarking’ them for future access and more crucially sharing these wonderful resources with those who follow me and, my most enjoyable pastime, signifying the resource via hashtags such as #innovation, #storytelling and #complexity so that they can be more widely found by others interested in the subject. I genuinely believe that by being so altruistic, improves the resource for others and that other users will be encouraged to do likewise.

Enough justification, after the wettest April on record I believe May 2012 has been the most fruitful for tweets relating to Innovation so here is my selection of 15 of what I believe to be the best of the best, enjoy:


Excellent post – Seven curses of #Innovation – seen most of them #TRIZ

RT @neridahart The Nine #Innovation Roles via @zite

RT @gquaggiotto 2 great pieces on disruptive #innovation 4 globaldev @patrickmeier & @alwalji

RT @rachelbotsman @iRowan “I see elimination of gatekeepers everywhere.” Jeff Bezos: Fab NYTimes piece #innovation

RT @DavidHolzmer How to Identify World-Changing #Innovation

RT @euopeninnovatio Velocity is the only #innovation outcome that matters

Why extractive business models fail. They destroy the ecosystems that support them #innovation

RT @rachelbotsman Part 2 of blog on building successful #CollCons platforms: Trust and user experience #innovation

RT @skap5 Are you a share taker or a market maker? From tweaks to transformation. #bmif #innovation

Are You Solving a Puzzle or a Mystery? #innovation #complexity

RT @minmien How Creativity Works in Cities | @scoopit #innovation


RT @chuckfrey Amoeba-Through-Zebra #Innovation: An Interview with #Biomimicry Expert Janine Benyus – #triz

Wow – RT @reluuplands DEFRA Ecosystems Knowledge Network launches new website #km #innovation #ecology

RT @chuckfrey Generating ideas with hieroglyphics – an unusual but potentially valuable lateral thinking technique:


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