I drink, Scooterman drives

My daughter’s friend has a new job, Scooterman. Oh how we laughed, imagining some parka hooded superhero driving up to deliver, what, “a pizza, shopping?”. Then as she explained I suddenly realised this was another of those great innovations, slipping in from nowhere to meet a need so big, the sky really is the limit.

The premise is simple, the idea is brilliant. The TRIZiness is all apparent. You ring Scooterman if you have drunk yourself over the limit. As quick as he or she can, Scooterman gets to your car, dismantles the bike in 90 seconds [TRIZ PRINCIPLE No 1 Segmentation] and pops it in its bag, then gently places the bag in your boot [TRIZ PRINCIPLE 7. Nested Doll] Hey presto you now have a ‘fully comp’ chauffeur to drive you home safe in the knowledge you cannot be breathalised and lose your licence. When home, scooter re-assembled, [ TRIZ – SEPARATION IN TIME AND SPACE – its there, its not, its back again] large tip and off it zooms. Quite Brilliant, deserves to make millions, and franchise opportunities/ Scooterman vacancies, available in a town near you. Watch this very short video to get an idea of how it all works.


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