Beginners guide to Knowledge Management (KM)

Exciting times ahead. I have finally arranged the first three outings of my one day seminar entitled:

Beginners guide to Knowledge Management

Bookings are now been taken on Eventbrite (see details below) but the overview goes something like this:

An alternative title for this event would be:

“What I wish I had learned 14 years ago”

Since 1998 I have spent 7 years as an apprentice to Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge then 7 years as a journeyman exploring and combining the best of methods and ideas around Knowledge Management (KM) and Innovation.

In this exciting, brand new, one day seminar I will share with you how, on my travels around Europe, I found KM slowly dying and the very latest thinking of how it may still be revived.

You will experience the very best of facilitated methods, within an interactive and enjoyable day of stories and storytelling all wrapped up with examples drawn from the hot topic of Sustainability.

Over the course of the day you will learn:

  • Why KM has failed so far
  • How to position KM at the heart of the Innovation Ecosystem
  • An ecological approach to sharing knowledge

Including how to use stories and ‘complex’ thinking to:

  • reveal knowledge in a safe and non-invasive way
  • work through and engage with a plan of action
  • Help create the starting conditions for creative thinking and successful change

While you are there you will get a taster of:

  • Cognitive Edge
  • TRIZ (the Russian Problem Solving Methodology)
  • Argenta Innovation Boosters.

We may even discuss the power of three.

This is an ideal event for anyone new to Knowledge Management and Innovation but because of the wide variety of sourced methods and ideas, it will have something for everyone, so please dont let your previous experience put you off attending.

All refreshments and lunch included.

Current plans are for this seminar to be delivered:

Peterborough 12th Oct 2012

*** NOTE: LONDON and PETERBOROUGH Dates changed  ****

London           16th  Nov 2012

Newcastle upon Tyne       7th Dec 2012

Other locations across Europe will be added as they are finalised.

These are public events but bespoke versions can be arranged for your organisation.

Two free places if you can offer suitable accommodation for any of the events.



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