All those years ago

We had an amazing night last night at the St Neots Folk club  where I was re-united with Paul Mason who was one of two exceptional guitarists in our band, ‘Steel Glaze’, back in 1973 – 1974. Paul has now partnered up with Fiona Lander to form Landermason playing the most beautiful songs and tunes.

I walked up to him and said ‘Hi Paul , we are looking forward to a good show tonight ‘ and I could tell there was no recognition. So later on I put my arm round him and said ‘you don’t remember me, do you?” which set us off reminiscing about everything we did, and everyone we both knew including our experiments with flash powder on the Sunderland Seafront, for which we now apologise.

What followed was an fantastic gig, “exquisite” was how my mate Mick the van put it. Paul and Fiona are superb musicians, creating a soundscape that draws pictures in the mind of heather clad fells, fast flowing streams and all the natural beauty the North East of England has to offer. Fiona is a natural singer and great raconteur about the origins of each song. What really surprised me was that Paul can sing. We went for almost a year, back in 1973, saying we were a band without a singer, and the tapes I have of the band all support this.

On leaving, I swapped a disc of all our band’s recorded rehearsals, (caught on a reel to reel tape recorder in Paul’s front room 39 years ago, and rediscovered in my dad’s loft recently), for their latest album which is already playing non stop in the car every where I go.

Check out their videos on Youtube,  here is the title track to their current album the Tree of Souls available here.

Note the Robin Hood Tree mentioned is the one at Hadrian’s wall featured in the Kevin Costner ‘Prince of Thieves’ film not the old oak in Sherwood Forest which everyone knows is mere fiction.


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