A representation of my reasoning

Back in 1880 in a paper entitled “On the Diagrammatic and Mechanical Representation of Propositions and Reasonings”  John Venn proposed a new way to represent propositions in a diagram and invented the Venn diagram.

This morning, in a break from working on material for my forthcoming masterclasses I momentarily redirected my mind to feeding the cat and tidying the kitchen before the wife comes home and shazaam, up popped this double venn in all its glory.

What I really like is that the top three circles represent my personal:

ecological, story based approach to facilitation

which I can then bring to bear to deliver:

sustainable innovation in the face of uncertainty

I am quite pleased with this ‘representation’ and although not 100% perfect, I like the connections it brings to bear as it pairs up circles from top and bottom. Each circle now has to be fleshed out to give greater context.

File under ‘work in progress’.



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