Just a bit nerked, sorry narked

Three steps to Heaven

Three steps to Heaven

I spent all yesterday morning producing this single slide for a three minute slot on an NERC bid launch event next week only to be told that they have too many people wanting to share the benefits they can supply so there will not be a slot for me. So rather than waste my efforts, here it is. The S-curve shape and ‘magic of three’ structure as a Duarte Sparkline/message map are all intentional.

So if you have a bid, project or new community that needs to move quickly from ‘As is’ to ‘as could be’ , feel free to get in touch.



  1. Thanks for the feedback. It came about because I was allowed a single slide so I wanted something that captured the flavour which I could elaborate on, hence the s-curve, key complexity references, a nod to the Nancy Duarte sparkline story structure and more than a little influence from U-theory.
    Cheers, Ron

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