Standing on the Patterns of Giants

Ron Young (of Knowledge Associates) has discovered a pattern over the last 15 years, working all over the world, that in order to deliver Extraordinary Knowledge Management an organisation must improve its Communication, Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Innovation.

Genrich Altschuller the great Russian engineer and inventor studied patents and uncovered patterns in how problems were solved and new products invented in a methodology he called TRIZ. Karen (and Lilly) Gadd of Oxford Creativity learned from the patterns of success and failure of how to apply and teach TRIZ by working with Major Engineering companies across the world, and then wrote the definitive TRIZ book “TRIZ for Engineers – Enabling Inventive Problem Solving”.

Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge made sense of the patterns of how, when dealing with uncertainty and complexity, we require a very different approach and has developed unrivalled capability in using narrative based methods and technologies. Tony Quinlan of Narrate has built an enviable career around making sense of the patterns in signified narrative fragments using SenseMaker and supportive Cognitive Edge methods.

Alan Drummond of Argenta Europ learned from the patterns of experience, with predominantly Aerospace companies, in how best to solve problems, realise creative ideas and boost innovation capability.

Nancy Duarte of noticed a pattern in the most powerful speeches ever delivered. She built this into her spark-line template for crafting stories and communications that resonate.

Have you noticed a pattern yet. From years of experiments, experience and interactions, patterns emerge, expertise is developed which when tamed can be applied back into that same industry (or practice) as a super-feedback loop or perhaps most excitingly, exapted across into other industries.

I have been lucky to work with or learn from all the above ‘giants’ and I value and treasure their knowledge immensely.

Every workshop or event that I now deliver, as an associate to the above, or solo, draws on the knowledge that I have learned from all of these ‘giants’. Each is designed to amplify Communication, Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Innovation. The methods included are by implication, and without exception, world class.

As I step up to introduce myself I become a complex facilitator and narrative plays a key part in revealing the context, perspectives and underlying problems. I conduct and observe progress through at least three converging and diverging diamonds. Problems and ideas are expanded in time and scale. Ideas are prioritised against benefits and diagnosed against predictability of outcome. Ideas are turned into action plans that self-communicate ‘as is’ and ‘as could be’. Space is always made for learning.

If you would like to learn more or perhaps expose and explore your own patterns from which we can take giant inspired innovative steps, then please get in touch.



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