SAFE to FAIL – Knowledge Ecology Workshop offer


In circumstances of uncertainty you need to carry out many “safe to fail” interventions or experiments (see Dave Snowden & uses of the cynefin framework). As an accredited practitioner and  member of the Cognitive Edge community  I realised that we never seem to offer such “safe to fail” options ourselves so here is one you might be interested in:

Special Offer this Summer

Highly recommended, tried and tested

 “Safe to Fail”

 Knowledge Ecology

 Pop Up – Workshop


Professionally facilitated to:

  •  nurture collaboration
  •  encourage knowledge sharing
  •  trigger creative ideas

 Your takeaways will include:

  •  A more sustainable, knowledge embodied community
  •  A portfolio of prioritised, value framed and complexity aware ideas
  •  Memories of an enjoyable day

How it works:

  • You provide the room, refreshments and up to 10 participants
  • You determine the problem that needs to be resolved or area that needs to be improved

Fixed Price in advance

  • Cost £1000 up front – with a total “SAFE TO FAIL” refund if the group fails to deliver at least £5,000 of added value (or cost saving) ideas


 Share the Risk

  •  Cost to be invoiced at the end of workshop
  •  20% of the total value of ideas (or savings)
  •  (as determined solely by the participants).

 whichever option you choose:


Clients and locations outside the UK will need to pay additional travel & subsistence, but don’t worry I travel and board cheaply.

This offer will be set up on Eventbrite shortly for direct booking or get in touch for further details.



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