First steps towards a Knowledge Ecosystem Model

IMAG1225I was playing around with two of the six surfaces of my ‘work in progress’ Combined Knowledge and Innovation ecosystem model. What is interesting as you bring several different perspectives and approaches together is whether the axes make any sense at all or in this case suggest a potentially new way of looking at an organisation.

The three coloured shapes with contours represent the Critical knowledge assets of an organisation. The height (no of contours) represents the amount of benefit each delivers. The cost (including harm) of maintaining that knowledge asset decreases as you move to the back. This is very much a Cognitive Edge sensemaker approach to mapping the narrative/knowledge landscape.

I then added the cynefin framework as a kind of windscreen in which you perceive the way forward. Ignore for now the Feynman-like diagrams in each domain and I will blog about them later. At this point I wondered whether the left being unordered and the right being ordered might have any bearing on the knowledge assets or any creative ideas we might have for a) increasing benefit or b) reducing costs & harms.

I realised that as new knowledge is created it will likely emerge on the left, then as it is probed, then analysed it will move to the right where it may be stored or at the very minimum shared. That seems quite standard cynefin (if there is such a thing). What struck me that might be new, is that if you were to plot a new idea on the landscape,

If it plots on the right (ordered) the Ecosystem should take account of the idea

If it plots on the left (unordered) the idea should take account of the Ecosystem.

Landscape scale ‘management’ of knowledge is then concerned with:

  • amplifying the height of the peaks (to deliver greater benefits)
  • moving the peaks ‘Northwards’ (to reduce costs and or harms)
  • being aware of the tendency East or West for level of certainty in decision making

How you would then use TRIZ to access the ‘Worlds Knowledge’ to determine how to reduce costs or increase benefits comes next, after I sort out the geological layers and their metamorphic metaphors beneath this landscape, watch this space…


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