Embedded Knowledge – Russian Style

I am looking for great examples of how knowledge might be embedded into a process to ensure it’s benefits are not missed. This is an essential part of any feedback loop in a successful knowledge ecosystem
I realised that this was precisely what G. S. Altshuler did when he analysed the patterns in the patents database all those years ago.

Altshuler called this resource and associated methods, TRIZ. Now if you have a problem, any problem, all you need do is work out the contradiction eg if I increase the strength it gets too heavy, and look it up on the TRIZ matrix. Or identify the benefits and or harms and resolve using TRIZ standard solutions. Better still, look at the TRIZ trends of evolution and invent the ’emerging future’.

I often hear the misunderstanding that “yes, but TRIZ only works for engineering problems”. That view us do wrong, take the example above: if you have a project team that needs to be more effective (strength ) but then would have too many members (weight of moving object) look this contradiction up on the TRIZ matrix and among other potential solutions it suggests inventive principle 40 ‘composite materials’. In other words employ project members that are multi-skilled.

I still don’t understand why TRIZ is not taught in schools or at the very least at the start of every further education programme. Why would any organisation not want to be able to solve problems systematically and to trigger so many options. Once you understand the principles of TRIZ it is genuinely simple to apply, and as the project example above illustrates, is far from being technical, directive linear thinking.


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