Henley Forum 2014

WGW43After a couple of years away from the KM Conference circuit I am pleased to announce I am speaking on the first day of what looks to be a fantastic Henley Forum for Organisational Learning and Knowledge Strategies Annual Conference on 26th and 27th February 2014.

If you are not already aware of this forum, it is an excellent way to meet and connect with all the smartest people working in KM and Learning today. In particular Henley is renowned for its collaborative research and always features the latest reports and findings from their action research.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing sessions by Prof. Patricia Riddell on Improving Learning and Memory and Dr Nancy Dixon on collective sense-making.

My session after lunch on day 1 is tentatively titled ‘Sense and Sustainability’ which is now likely to consist of my favourite stories and experiences from working this year with a very elemental quartet of non-profits: ‘Friends of the’ EARTH; the FIRE ‘sector’; the NHS Respiratory Service (AIR); and the Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability (WATER). [If only I had been working with a WIND farm, AIR and WATER would not have had a look in. There is still time before February.]

Everything you might want to know about this event can be found here.


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