Cynefin on Fire – Complexity science to guide managers thoughts and actions

During the latter part of last year I facilitated three consultation workshops for the fire sector. At the one in a fire-station in Moss side, Manchester we were doing an anecdote circle to explore the narrative landscape and the subject of wildfires arose. Because fires figure regularly in my explanation of the chaotic domain of the cynefin framework I must have given a more impassioned set of examples that day, as I was asked soon after if I would write an article on cynefin for the Alert magazine (The Journal of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management). I am therefore honoured to be in the latest edition concerning itself with Resilience against the floods, the Glasgow Helicopter Crash, Crisis Management, DNA profiling and a whole lot more.


I can’t say it was easy to write. In my head I knew exactly the stories, concepts and uses I wanted to include but “we know more than we can say” and at five pages long I struggled to remember and cross refer what I had already included. Anyway, to cut as long story short, the article appears on page 40 of the current edition and can be downloaded for free here (5mb PDF)


Any feedback on the article would be much appreciated.


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