Special Spring Cleaning Offer: 5in1 Ecosystem Wash

I am currently half way through a rather good marketing training course from Blue (generating profitable sales through marketing) Dolphin of Peterborough. So far we have covered product differentiation and customer segmentation and a whole lot more, especially about emphasising the benefits not the features. So here is my homework so far, based around my new Ecosystem offering that was launched at Henley Forum earlier this month:


How often have you felt you would rather be changing the world with your products and services

rather than always chasing it from behind?

Do you feel your organisation is disjointed, uncoordinated and

often wrong footed by the uncertainty of events outside your control?

How would you like to solve your

Strategy, Leadership, Knowledge, Change and Innovation

problems in one go?

Then you need to apply :

ecowashiThis is a narrative workshop based application designed

to smooth out all the wrinkles and bring back

that youthful enthusiasm and exuberence.

With greater connectivity and engagement,

smoother, cleaner more memorable knowledge sharing

you will begin to use your growing knowledge assets to your strategic advantage.

By measuring your external impact in a way that does not undermine your delivery,

you will be able to focus on the benefits that you desire.

With your new, powerful, world class problem solving method

you will generate more creative ideas than you have time to implement.

Then you could become truly sustainable and deliver

twice as much at half the cost.

Order a years supply now:

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