Story Collider – Phase Transitions

It all began when I saw a request on Twitter by Brian Wecht for storytellers in London. I am in one of those strange periods of my life where I search out new experiences and challenges so I replied offering my services.

Thats how I discovered  Story Collider, a storytelling project, both onstage and online, in which scientists and people affected by science recount short, often funny, sometimes disturbing experiences, mostly in front of audiences, cabaret-style.

With a growing reputation across the world I found this article in the New York Times in which Ben Lillie (the other founder with Brian) explains:

How does science affect who we are as people? How does it play a role in our lives? Brian and I met up at a storytelling event and got to talking about new ways to address those questions when we had a mutual “duh” moment. How do you get people to talk about the role of science in their lives? Ask them to tell the story. And do it on a stage in front of a hundred people. What can go wrong?

How indeed! So I have joined the group of six who will be sharing our stories at the  The Book Club, Shoreditch, London, UK, June 25th, 2014.

Show starts at 7:30 pm (doors open at 7).

Book a ticket here. See who is appearing here.

A full audio recording of my story now up on SoundCloud

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