Welcome to Narratopia, the story sharing game


During one of our regular PNI skype chats, Cythia (Kurtz) happened to mention a new game she had created and was prototyping. Called Narratopia and now launched with its own website here but with a full explanation of the rules and ideas behind the game here. I quickly offered to be a guinea pig and a few days later, an airmailed pack arrived at my door.

I mentioned it to my friend Ian and he suggested a game in the Bainton Reading Room which is in a local village just to the North West of Peterborough. We had used this venue for a recent (local) Ted talks evening about storytelling..

Last week we all met up, a nice blue chequered table cloth and very nice red wine and the group of 5 of us set off playing.

It was a very interesting experience all round. We all thought we would just be sharing our own often told stories. The first story was one about an elderly parent in a care home being bought a mobility scooter. A great story that revealed a lot about the storyteller. My question card said “How do you feel about…” and I added “giving such freedom and mobility to your dad”. What followed was a period of deep thought and a true outpouring of emotion and warmth. The other questions were about quite technical and practical aspects of the story. At the end of this round my question was voted by far the best because “it really made me think about our relationship and remember those days so clearly”.

In writing this post I have just checked Cynthia’s blog about Narratopia and was pleased to read her comment about the games intent:

I realized that what should matter most in the game are connections and explorations, because that’s what people do when they share stories. They connect their experiences together, and they explore what their experiences mean.


The game was deemed a great success by us all. Two hours of non-stop conversation and storytelling, linking stories and exploring our innermost feelings, loosely constrained and helped along by the questions and link cards. I collated everyone’s feedback and sent the pictures and comments to Cynthia in order to improve the playability of the game.


Oh, and for the record my friend Ian won, so he is now the reigning champion of Bainton, Great Britain and, I think (as it was the first game played here) Europe. So what better prize for a European Narratopia Champion than a bottle of Whitby Heritage real ale.

Get your early order in now to Cythia as I think the first batch will sell out very quickly.


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