Narrative Fragments


Having recently stepped over the threshold of three score years on the planet I am beginning to reflect upon the influences, stories and turning points that have inspired and changed me through the years.

I really don’t have the patience, attitude or necessary skills to write a book or make a series of videos. This blog has been allowed to dry up and become overgrown.

I will therefore initially, begin this journey in a form, suggested by Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge, all those years ago, that of ’narrative fragments’. These will be in no particular order and may take the form of quotes, reflections, photographs etc. My intention is to provide a collection of sign posts, gateways or pathways for others to explore.

My intention is to reflect and revisit many of the stories, books and experiences that have had the greatest influence on me over the years and have shaped my approach to facilitation, sharing and indeed how I live my life.

Feedback, in the form of comments, additional resources etc, as always, is very welcome.



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