ron brighton

1957 – Born in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland

1979 – Graduated from Sunderland Polytechnic with an Ecology/Geology combined degree

1980 – Joined Customs & Excise Southend-on-Sea

1984 – Accreddited SSADM Systems Analyst

1985 – Developed, installed and supported the Gaming Machine Licensing Centre in Greenock

1987 – Joined Nature Conservancy Council

1990 – Transitioned to English Nature

1998 – Introduced to Dave Snowden then still at at IBM

2001 – First time public speaking at Marcus Evans KM Conference at Palace of Versailles

2003 – Accredited Cynefin Practitioner

2005 – First after dinner speech for International BAE Systems gathering in London

2005 – Began my training in TRIZ by Oxford Creativity

2006 – Transitioned into Natural England

2008 – Left Natural England to become freelance knowledge ecologist

2009 – Worked on Children of the World and Pfizer Sensemaker Projects with Narrate.

2008 – First attended the Geoff Mead Centre for Narrative Leadership gathering

2008 – First deep immersion with ‘Tales 2 Sustain’ storytelling community at Cae Mabon

2009 – Began teaching and consulting with Oxford Creativity

2013 – Completed EU FP7 SME-AERO Project with Argenta Nova

2013 – Accredited associate consultant with Ron Young and Knowledge Associates

2014 – Appeared on stage and told own story at StoryCollider event in London

2014 – Founded Participatory Narrative Inquiry (PNI) Institute with Cynthia, Harold & Aiden

2015 – Achieved TRIZ MATRIZ level 2 with Oxford Creativity

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5 thoughts on “Aboot

    1. Thanks Teresa, much appreciated and just the kind of feedback to keep me going. I promise I will try and return the favour and do my own nominations when I get some spare time.
      Cheers, Ron

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