Brexit on condition

One of the founding ideas behind TRIZ is to solve problems without compromise and deliver all the benefits while minimising any harms. We recently heard the story of a major soft drink company surveying its customers on the level of sugar they preferred in their fizzy drink. The results were in, they averaged the preferencesContinue reading “Brexit on condition”

Storytelling Masterclass in Oxford

Twenty years of working with stories and my very kind friends at Oxford Creativity have given me my own Storytelling day. Wednesday 16th May at Oxford University. Looking at four perspectives on narrative I will be sharing as many of the key insights I can fit in between 9am and 5pm. Why Story? Working withContinue reading “Storytelling Masterclass in Oxford”

Complexity, citizen engagement – Dave Snowden at Tedx

Happy New Year. It is 2018, 20 years since Dave Snowden first introduced me to the wonders of narrative, 15 years since I attended my first cynefin training and 10 years since I did some of the early probe citizen engagement (Children of the world) experiments using Sensemaker. In this video recorded at the recentContinue reading “Complexity, citizen engagement – Dave Snowden at Tedx”

RIPPLE Video – patient experiences

Hot off the press, here is a twenty minute video of the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust RIPPLE Project, introduced by Colin Gelder (who specialises in Asthma, COPD and other Airway Diseases. He also runs the new Community COPD Team.) and nurse Charlotte. I was lucky enough to be invited to facilitate theContinue reading “RIPPLE Video – patient experiences”

At the Heart of Health

I was very excited to hear that the RIPPLE Project, which emerged from a couple of workshops I facilitated in 2014 for the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (in partnership with Coventry University, the British Lung Foundation and local voluntary sector groups in Coventry), is beginning to gain momentum as a prime exampleContinue reading “At the Heart of Health”

Storytelling For Problem Solving & Better Decision Making

I have just been confirmed as speaker and seminar facilitator at the next NETIKX event in London on Tuesday afternoon 22nd March 2016. My challenge for the day is to demonstrate just what Participatory Narrative Inquiry methods can bring to resolving issues and problems and improving decision making. If you have never heard of themContinue reading “Storytelling For Problem Solving & Better Decision Making”

Review your Flood Plan & lessons learned now

Special 2016 fixed price offer A fully facilitated Flood Review and Action Planning workshop Have you and your community been flooded, are you worried about the risk of flooding in the future or just wish to make sure you are prepared for the worst? If you want to inform and influence government policy, funding, nationalContinue reading “Review your Flood Plan & lessons learned now”

Ecology of Knowledge – Menu of services

I have finally managed to create a menu of services that I am happy with. Click on either image to enlarge. The PDF version can be downloaded here, a version complete with prices is available on request.. and yes, before you ask, I do have 25 years experience of providing discos and music quizzes soContinue reading “Ecology of Knowledge – Menu of services”

Stories of Transition – a movement of communities

Transition Network’s Rob Hopkins short introduction to ’21 Stories of Transition’, a new book produced to coincide with the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris. I have just ordered my copy and you can read about and order yours here. Told in the voices of the people making these projects happen. It is NOT available via Amazon.

A great convincement

I have to admit to not really knowing much about the Quaker movement apart from the porridge and the numerous meeting rooms I have visited around the country. I managed to pick up (in a charity shop in Whitby for £1) an interesting book called ‘ A great Convincement’ by Monica Ventress who chronicles theContinue reading “A great convincement”