Fragments of feedback received (most recent at the top) for you to look for patterns and make your own sense of:

NB: I promise you that no comments were removed because they did not ‘fit’.

“Thank you for a most enjoyable workshop and stimulating discussion today. It was interesting to
participate in the PNI process, meet new people, and hear different points of view.” – June 2015

“The workshops were extremely useful in raising awareness about what we wanted to achieve and allowed us to start developing a functional specification for what is now called The Knowledge Network.

I would just like to extend my hand of thanks to you Ron. If it wasn’t for that day when you came in to tell us about what you did and the theories behind them, we probably would never have started down the road to the Knowledge Network, which is gaining momentum and I think has the potential to be as big as…”

“We got exactly the outcome we wanted and there has been some excellent feed back today. Could you copy me in to the summary of the day – I can take it with me to the strategic board on Monday. Thank you”

Stories build communities. How to promote actions after a workshop.

Very good, interesting.

Endorsing the importance of a sound and solid KM environment to continually gather invaluable knowledge assets.

A valuable perspective – I enjoyed and understand the use of an ecology metaphor for the complexity of KM.

Interesting insight into problem solving. Component of the [?]. Use of story boards (is and could be) – [powerful; ;learning/ As well as commanding group focus

Really liked Ron’s approach and style. Presentation pitched at the right level for me to learn from.

Excellent framework.

A great simple guide place-mat and depth of understanding and process.

Lots of things that were relevant for me. Liked the this is how it is – this is how it could be – model.

Interesting for  a deeper look later.

Good roadmap, but could have had more practical application or example.

Interesting speaker -very amusing – fabulous stories that really made me think. For me this really demonstrated the power of stories to enhance the learning! Speaker had loads of energy, which enhanced the session.

The process flow was very useful and practical.

Useful tools: this is how it is – this is how it could be. To look at what are the barriers and what action needed to jump barrier.

Really great experience


“This is a somewhat belated thank you for such a great day’s training.  However the delay does mean that I can tell you your input is already having impact.  One of the facilitators has written up Future Backwards and they are all using it with their young people!  A very popular technique.  AND I took some staff into a pitch earlier this week who told some great stories.  Finally I have Emma running as session in the management meeting looking at how we can use anecdote circles so that’s a great outcome.”


Thanks, Ron’s strategies were very helpful and created a great environment

It was a great experience

These kind of activities should be run regularly, however I understand it is expensive. But the new ideas are created is such kind of  programs.

Thanks for everything!

The venue was very pleasant and enjoyable.

Lovely location and great food. Not an intimidating environment. Felt collaborative instead of competitive.

Really enjoyable, I was nervous and sceptical at first but fears were allayed.

It was time well spent!!

What was good about the sandpit?

Meeting other people working in the same field

Met people, well organised, got me thinking

It helped me be more creative, social and innovative


Inspiring, well organised, made new friends and contacts

It brought out the innovative part of me

Training: tailored-made training at the background of the exercise. Better than I came in project development

It was new to me to see other researchers are working together and competing. The good thing however it is academic but the atmosphere was friendly

It is good to know new people

It’s good to share ideas

Bringing people from different research background together and generate ideas.

It was a very good opportunity to know other researchers from different research areas.

It was a good practice/”role playing” for a profession activity/exercise likely to be crucial in securing funding in our future careers: specifically it was a good learning experience reconciling diverse agendas to meet budget constraints.

Great opportunity to meet new people.

Very interesting, a good insight into this method of bidding for funding.

The collaborative approach with the involvement of the various disciplines. Various perspectives presented on similar issues.


Extremely interesting

Fascinating subject and good directions on how to start

Ron and Beth gave the best talks.

This could have been a flakey topic but Ron kept it real and presented well.

I will remember it for a long time and that’s what counts

Fantastic. This was the best session.

Very engaging. I will look into this for face to face workshops.

‘The power of laughter!’’

A very different presentation in terms of content.

It was refreshing and great not having its ‘people’ ‘people’, ‘people’ that make KM successful not IT!!

Very entertaining and easy to listen to.

Raised some very interesting ideas and gave me something to think about in terms of how our organisation could use these techniques.

Really entertaining and thought-provoking.

Very entertaining, interesting content.

V. good, interesting topic, nice to have talk that’s not about IT.

Very entertaining and worthwhile.

Hard to implement/use without further information, training.

Great speaker.

Very entertaining and gave me an idea of something to try Anecdote Circle.

Still difficult to link storytelling with the issue of KM.

Very interesting!

Entertaining presentation of a seriously useful tool.

A very interesting number of points on storytelling.


I enjoyed his presentation, but don’t think his methods would work in my organisation.

Hair too long!!

Much more interesting than I expected and nice to hear about initiatives outside business.

Interesting presentation – Great for “The morning after”.

Wonderful! I really enjoyed this very gently made points, humorous.

The best speech – funny, original & engaging.

A quality presentation – imaginative, creative, thought provoking & inspiring – you should always try and include at least one presentation like this in your conference.

Nice presentation – easy style – good context.

Very engaging speaker with very relevant messages for the Information industry · interesting topic, felt delivery could have been better.

Hugely engaging, lively speaker.

Entertaining, not immediately relevant but some ideas will stay with me.

Surprised how interesting I found this.

Very good speaker to a tired audience.

Interesting Style.

Thought provoking.

Excellent presentation, Good idea to have speakers from outside the commercial sector.

Really enjoyed this one.

Very Interesting concept and very good delivery.

A great choice for the morning after the dinner.

Original and funny but with an interesting message.

Enthusiastically presented.

Came together at end after I was a bit lost in the middle.

Like to deconstruct stories.

Excellently facilitated exercise.

Valuable in this context.

The thinking woman’s Bill Oddie.


Useful story telling narratives.

Very nice and funny

Good end to first day.


Very interesting and enjoyable.

Always entertaining – great stories.

Very good approach and well presented.

Superb presentation giving an invaluable insight into how narratives/story telling improves knowledge sharing cultures.

Very good – very relevant.

Talked eloquently and effectively about tribal knowledge sharing – excellent.

Interesting and alternative take on KM approaches


Very engaging speaker – interesting ideas.

Not central to issue of conference.

Should have done 1st session after lunch much livelier and innovative view of looking at KM.

Great presentation for post lunch slot!

V. informative and interesting to follow outlines an area that a lot of organizations shy away from.

Excellent; thought provoking.

A powerful method, but requires such skill!


Very inspiring.

Lots of brilliant ideas.

Would have been a good speaker to liven up the audience after lunch.

Very original material – very well presented


Total enthusiast!

Good exercise as illustration of how to gather analysis and feedback on key information

Engaging presentation, very interesting

Off the scale- must book him again


Bloody brilliant- loved it!

Banged home by example the power of storytelling.

What a great presentation and one of the closest to culture on this conference.

Great demonstration of storytelling in action- will buy book.

Very interesting with good storylines.

Very good presentation.

Very interesting- innovative.

Excellent- also liked the references at the end i.e books/ web sites.

Inspirational and practical.


Might be hard to implement in high-tech Company.

Good delivery.

Excellent useful techniques to learn.


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