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New for 2013 I will be offering a new suite of modular workshops and training based on an ecological approach to Knowledge and Innovation [available to download as PDF here]

Cheers, Ron

Ron Donaldson, knowledge ecologist 15th Nov 2012


Facilitation skills are an expensive overhead so why not bring me in as an experienced facilitator as and when you need me?

It is time consuming to keep abreast of the latest ideas and workshop opportunities so why not let me do that , so that you don’t have to.

I always give 110% support to everyone to do their best thinking and enable the group members to reflect on their learning, search for inclusive solutions and build sustainable agreements.


Every workshop will be professionally facilitated.Each workshop is designed to lead participants through a variety of methods that will maximise their engagement and enable them to self-realise the sense and implications that emerge.If required all workshops will result in clearly defined and owned prioritised action plans.


Knowledge and Innovation are the two strongest drivers for business success today so why leave their coordination, monitoring and management to chance?

We have learned so much about cognitive science over the last few years and how to get individuals engaged, build trust and trigger creative ideas so why leave this evolutionary process to chance?

Complexity Science and Ecology has given us so many insights into understanding how to be aware, resilient and sustainable in the face of uncertainty so why leave bringing these to bear on your future success to chance?

Why not turn this reliance on chance into an awareness of the present and begin to lead from an emergent future?Contact me today to discuss workshops and training for your organisation.

All the following workshops are available either as standard at a daily rate or can be adapted, combined or changed in any way to fit your needs. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.



Knowledge is the most important asset in most companies. Good decision making depends upon having up to date knowledge. Do you know what knowledge you have, where it is and how to sustain it over time?

 Working with anecdotal stories, Experts can be identified, key decisions can be analysed to reveal when and where knowledge assets are most used.  Insufficiencies and missing assets can be identified.  Issues can be resolved and an optional action plan developed.


 Is your organisation aware of what is going on at the moment? Do you have a knowledge plan for every project? Have you got tactical and strategic feedback loops in place?

 You cannot build an ecosystem as it needs to grow contextually around your existing processes and culture. Working with key members of your organisation I can help you look at existing aspects of the ecosystem and work through various options to improve it using several different approaches.


A healthy innovation ecosystem sees and acts as a whole. It nurtures and reviews ideas, has processes to resolve problems and prepares the ground for and subsequently monitors actions and outcomes.

Beginning with anecdotal stories and analysing innovation in both time and scale we can map the innovation landscape, highlighting any positive steps being taken and any obvious omissions or harms that currently exist. By self assessing the health of the ecosystem we can put in place visual progress monitoring that will be owned and updated by the team.


Within and around your company are ideas that could save or earn you millions. Why not invest in an ecosystem that develops ideas, solves problems and purposefully innovates.

Most complexity savvy consultants aim for a complex adaptive system but I believe anyone can attain a complex creative ecosystem if they put the right starting conditions in place first.


Repeating the same mistakes is a complete waste of money and time. Feedback on how things were done is vital management information. Does your company leave learning and sharing to chance?

Looking back over the story of a project, event or period of time in a non-linear way to reveal key events, turning points and decisions. Contextualised frameworks are then developed. Learning and outstanding issues can be themed and worked upon and an action plan developed.


Problems can reduce profits, reduce staff motivation and inhibit innovation. So why leave problem solving to chance when you can have a proven facilitated process to follow.

There are hundreds of useful methods and frameworks available to solve problems but it takes an experienced facilitator to select the appropriate tools for the job, guide everyone to the places with most potential and then get the most out of the group working on the problem.


Individuals who understand each other make for better teams. Trust, alignment and sharing knowledge are starting conditions for collaboration.

Using a variety of different methods the team can share and begin to understand each others areas of expertise and perspectives. Common ground and differences can be established. Creative ideas can be co-created and contracts set to share knowledge.


Lots of people like change but not many appreciate being changed. Being involved in deciding which actions to take to deliver an outcome can make or break an idea.

Whether a company start-up or a new strategic plan you need to maximise engagement and focus enthusiasm in the right direction. Exploring the evolving benefits, working on outstanding issues and committing to a prioritised action plan can greatly speed up a new initiative and guarantee a greater chance of success.


Humans evolved to share knowledge using stories. Companies need to understand how to use stories to encourage collaboration and make important knowledge more understandable and memorable.

This workshop covers a very wide range of narrative techniques from narrative capture, making sense of the landscape and patterns, storyboarding action plans through to crafting the ideal story to prepare the ground for change.


The growth of social networking has been rapid and lots of people have been left behind with regard to the serious business benefits of blogging, Facebook and Twitter.

Beginning with a small footprint, it is very easy to develop a personal network of experts, customers, partners with whom you can interact and share, learn and perhaps co-create new business.

An assumption of all the workshops listed above is that there is an element of teaching as you will then be able to repeat any of the methods for your own purposes. If however you would like more in depth explanations of the concepts and instruction and advice on how to facilitate then the following, again modular, training is available on request.


From the perspective of either 11 KNOWLEDGE or 12 INNOVATION, I can deliver training (in the form of experiential learning) for up to 12 people at a time. The sessions will be balanced to include case studies, exercises and the latest ideas. Modules are available to cover all of the above facilitated workshop areas

The KNOWLEDGE training will include sharing first hand experience of using SenseMaker the Cognitive Edge analysis tool. The INNOVATION training will also cover the latest thinking on Open Innovation, Ecosystem thinking and Theory U.

This Service menu can also be downloaded as a pdf here


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