Sailing by

Staying in a cottage in Whitby called ‘Sailing By’ [booking details to be found here] and inspired by Caedmon the first English Poet and a cowherd at the local monastery I decided to complete the guest book in rhyme…

On Saturday evening, the tide was so high
It flooded the shop of mash and ‘Humble Pie’
As waves engulfed the piers and the bandstand
Leaving promenade covered in foam and beach sand

and one solitary seal went sailing by

Still stormy on Sunday, seas behaving badly
We had fish and chips over at Hadley(s)
Spent an afternoon on the west shore collecting lots of jet
While the boat trips ran upstream as the sea was far too wet

and the Esk Belle went sailing by

Foggy Monday on the moors, visibility was nil
Walked along the pier, sea was calm and still
Tuesday was sunny, cream teas at Sherlocks
Even found an ammonite down among the rocks

and four eider ducks went sailing by

Wednesday, wet again, we must have been nuts
Council began dismantling coloured beach huts
With rain on our backs, to Sandsend we marched
Reward, a pint of black sheep, we were well and truly parched

and our days in Whitby are sailing by

199 steps Thursday, yellow bus tempting to ride on
Twas here that this poem was inspired by Caedmon
Superb curry at the station, pint of Black Dog at Black Horse
On Friday, Robin Hoods Bay, we had gales of such force

and our big red umbrella went sailing by