Narrative ecologist emerges from lockdown

Twelve long months ago I was flying high delivering sessions on Storytelling for my old organisation, Natural England, then Lockdown.

Since then I’ve tagged more online resources and bought more e-books than I can ever read, but a few stand out as influencing me more than most.

Chris Corrigan and his approach to pattern shifting

Donella Meadows and her 12 leverage points

Dave Snowden and friends new Cynefin book

As a result i’ve reconsidered my approach, deconstructed and reconstructed my principles and took a paradigm shift to an adjacent possible.

In short I am ditching ‘knowledge ecologist’ and repatterning as ‘narrative ecologist’.

My two year open goal (up to getting my bus pass) is to repattern and midwife as many new narrative ecologists into the world to achieve great things around health, climate change, hedgerows, anything positive and beneficial.

I started today Zoom teaching Community workers across the West Midlands and am actively looking for anyone in an interest in this. If interested, please get in touch.

So from today the Narrative e-college is open to budding narrative ecologists.

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