Tales to Sustainers

Just like buses, not one but two of my Tales to Sustain friends have storytelling offerings for 2011.

My storyteller friend Anthony Nanson has a new book published by Awen publications entitled Words of Re-enchantment: Storytelling, Myth, and Ecological Desire

The time-honoured art of storytelling – ancestor of all narrative media – is finding new pathways of relevance in education, consciousness-raising, and the journey of transformation. Storytellers are reinterpreting ancient myths and communicating the new stories we need in our challenging times. This book brings together the best of Anthony Nanson’s incisive writings about the ways that story can re-enchant our lives and the world we live in.

I can also highly recommend all three of the other publications featured on his website.

My other storyteller friend Chris Holland (the didgeridooman) leads more practical immersions into nature with his bushcraft and team building events

Chris has just announced the 2011 schedule of events which includes some great events suitable for all the family including:

Fire by friction fry-up

Early summer infusions

Spoon carving and wild soup

Chris is probably the best storyteller I have ever heard, knows so much about which plants are edible and which are not and loves to make fires. Oh and he once played didgeridoo with Hawkwind. His Fundijeri album is still available here.

Eat more weeds.

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